Show Cat Ribbons

Show Cat Ribbons

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Red show cat ribbons  

  • Comes with holder to suit your showing needs. Listed below!
  • Can be easily added to with more Ribbonmate holders.  
  • Great encouragement gift.  
  • Easliy posted.  

A great way of getting your ribbons off the floor,

Add extra holders at any time SOLD SEPERATLY 

Ribbon mate holders are available in 5 different designs to suit all your showing needs 

RIBBONS ONLY HOLDER- 6sections for the 50mm wide ribbons and 15 ribbons can fit into each section (holdes 90 ribbons)

SASH ONLY HOLDER - 3 sections that hold our sashes up to 120mm wide (general championship sashes)

COMBINATION HOLDER - 1 section for sashe 120mm wide and 4 sections for our ribbons 50mm wide and 15 ribbons fit into each section (holds 60 ribbons )

EXTRA WIDE SASH HOLDER - holds sashes up to 200 mm wide (supreme hack or best in show)

ROSETTE HOLDER - depending on the size of your rose, but normally holdes about 5-6 rosettes