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Show Cat

show cat sash holder

show dog with fra2

awesome show dog sash display

picture ribbon mate

a loverly pair of ribbon mate showing how they work, holding both sashes and ribbons


Special order show dog sash holder

Show jumping Ribbons only

Show jumping ribbon holder

show horse x1

Show horse starter Ribbon and sash holder

Show horse x5

Show horse ribbon mate with frame and 5 sash and ribbon holders

show horse x10

Show horse ribbon and saholder holding over 800 ribbons and sashes

Sharman smith

Sharman's encouraging ribbon and sash display


Rosette holder and needs another

pony club red with ribbons

Red Ponyclub holding both sashes and ribbons


Pink on Pink Katrina has that covered But now need to add on a rosette holder

narissa's beautiful fillies winnings

Narissa's filly has only just begun her career and her ribbon mate will grow with her

MPR blue1

My pony ribbons with one ribbon holder

brochure photo

Linda the disigner of ribbon mate showing off one of the first ribbon mates with 3 ribbon, sash and combination holder and a frame

Lani Pickard

Lani's ribbon and sash holder spread out a little

show dog kerry jonston

Kerry show dog home sashes all looking very neat

john 2

John great Mini Ribbons and sash display

Dressage x3

Dressage ribbon holder with sash and rosette holder


Dodi's proud ribbon display

campdraft with holder

Campdraft ribbon display

show dog with frame

Blue frame to go with show dog ribbon mate

Arabian ribbons only

Arabian Sash holder

Anna Black ribbon mate photo

Anna's Ribbon mate with only one combination ribbon holder


Alpaca ribbon display