About Me

My name is Linda van Rensburg and I am the creator and manufacturer of Ribbon Mate.

I was a horse-mad kid growing up on acreage outside of Melbourne with my mum and brother and sisters.

My sisters and I spent every weekend we could with our horses at Pony Club and gymkhanas.

It was when I started winning ribbons that I discovered how difficult it was to display them without either marking the walls or losing the curtains!

Against my parent’s wishes, I left school early to do the only thing I ever wanted to do – work with horses. I soon became a riding coach and have loved the whole lifestyle ever since (even though some days I wonder what a “normal” life, sleep-ins and time to myself are!), horses have always been my passion and will be long after I’m too old and stiff to mount anymore.

In 2002 I met and married my knight in shining armor, Pieter, who happens to be a design engineer. I told him of my idea for Ribbon Mate and we worked on it and patented the design in 2003.

Today I still coach dressage, teach sport mindset and psychology and hand-make Ribbon Mates in our shed on our 10 acre property just outside of Beaudesert in Queensland, Australia.

I am a strong believer in encouraging CANI (Constant And Never-ending Improvement), to keep your achievements at the fore-front of your vision, to set goals, leaning into your future and having direction for your dreams, never forgetting where you come from. 

I have brought a lot of horses upwards through the levels of dressage and Eventing in my younger years, and to have the reminder of those wins in front of me, whether it was on my way out of the house, in my bedroom, or even in the stables, keeps me thinking how I can improve. What do I need to do to get the communication better so the judges can see the harmony between horse and rider?


Ribbon Mate is a fantastic way to showcase your horse’s (and your own) accomplishments and improvements