How does Ribbon Mate hold My Ribbons?


Can Ribbon Mate be added too?

YES! One of the great things about your Ribbon Mate you can keep adding holders till your ribbons and sashes hit the floor, (normally about 8 holders and a frame)!Remember that on each holder there is a plaque, so you can give each holder its own heading


Ribbons only holder. Holds standard 50mm wide ribbons in 6 sections 15 ribbons in each section "Thats 90 ribbons on one holder"


Combination Holder. 1 section for sashes and 4 sections for ribbons


Sash only Holder. Holds sashes up to 120mm wide in 3 sectionsholder4..extra-wide-Extra wide Sash Holder. Holds sashes up to200mm wide in 2 sections

    Can I just send a Ribbon Mate as a Gift and can you Gift wrap?

    You Bet! YES! If you Give as a gift its nice to top it up each year so the gift just keeps on growing and building its own story.